Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved?

  • Contact us, and come along!
  • We have a lot of new canicross runners, as well as some very experienced ones, so you are sure to find someone of similar ability to you. 
  • Take a look at our Facebook group – and join it for notifications – as this is the most easy to update page of information about weekly runs. 
  • Information about Sunday runs is normally posted during the week before – but will typically be around 8am for a long run, around 9am for the short run, and within 30 minutes drive of Frome.


  • Cross country trainers are an excellent idea – you will get muddy, and it will be slippery! 
  • Normal running kit is fine.
  • You will then need a running belt, and a bungee line, as well as a karabiner.
  • Your dog will need a harness suitable for pulling in, and the usual collar and ID tag.
  • Don’t let this list put you off – we have some club kit available to lend – so head to the Facebook group and let us know about you and your dog!  
  • We can also help with advice for when you decide to buy your own.

If you are an experienced canicrosser and have all the kit – great, we look forward to meeting you!

What do I need?

What if the distance is too long / too short / I’m not sure I can do it?

  • The Sunday runs normally have a long run first (5-10miles) followed by a short run (1-3miles). 
  • Runners are welcome to do either run, or both!
  • The short runs will be slower, but both runs are inclusive for all.  
  • All of our runners want to see others improve, so many people start on the short run but are soon stepping up to the long run!

We really are welcoming, and have a full range of running abilities, so you will fit in!

  • Your dog should be over a year to run canicross events. 
  • Most dogs will start running in training a little before this, but it is important to start short and build up slowly. 
  • Your dogs long term fitness is more important than a training run next week!

How old does my dog need to be?

What if my dog doesn’t like other dogs?

  • Canicross etiquette is that dogs are not allowed to run up to each other, and everyone gives each other space. 
  • We have all kinds of dogs in the club, some who are friendly, some who can be reactive, young dogs learning the ropes, older dogs who have seen it all. 
  • We all respect each others space, and individual dogs' needs.  Most dogs forget what is around them once they start running!
  • Yes, no problem – just make sure you’ve either got two lines, or a coupling line, and that your dogs get on well. 
  • Most pairs will also use a link between the two dogs collars to make sure they run in the same direction!

Can I run two dogs together?

How do I join the club?

Come along and meet us all, talk to us, join a run, and then we can point you in the direction of the membership forms and the club kit!